Hi, I’m Adrienne Kitchin, the Writing Prof, writer in residence here at thewritingprof.org I’m a freelance writer, editor and writing coach. I’m also a professor at Humber College in Toronto, Ontario, where I teach Anthropology, Humanities and Academic Writing.

While this may sound like a wide berth, one of the unifying factors of the courses I teach is the need to communicate effectively. In an evolutionary sense, around 50, 000 years ago when humans began to use language, (one of) our first systemized ways of communication (art and music being others), we also began to become more successful as a species. The use of language led to further symbolic communication, such as pictographs, which eventually led to writing.

What does this all have to do with this website? Writing is still one of the most effective tools for communication, but it is one that we as a species are doing less and less. This is in some ways due to our intellect, that crafty way we have of creating tools that will make our lives just a little, or a lot, easier. With texting, touch screens and the advent of online access to almost anything and everything, people are finding that  they are doing less writing today than ever.

When the need arises to communicate through the written word, whether it be for business, school, health, financial, governmental (you get the picture) or still other reasons, often writers are at a loss.

I created this site to help writers create better writing. Everything I post here comes from direct experience I have had, either in my own process as a writer, or as a professor helping learners to create their best work.

Writing has its mechanics and it also has its art. Each is useful in its own right, and both can be intertwined to help you truly convey the message you want.

The aim of this site is to offer you guidance along the way.

Thank you for checking out my blog! Happy reading…and happy writing!






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